Embeddable Movie Trailers


Today, while taking a moment to catch up with pop culture I surfed over to Moviefone to find out which of the latest and greatest movies were at my local movie theater. I didn’t find much, but what I did stumble upon I found kind of interesting. You can now embed movie trailers in your own website. What is the educational use of this? Well, I have no idea. Probably very little unless perhaps a movie is made covering a topic or novel discussed as part of your curriculum. However, the fact that even movie executives are noticing that word of mouth can quickly be spread through online formats such as blogs, social networking profiles, and websites says a lot about the impact of Web 2.0.

From what I can tell from their websites, the big networks haven’t quite caught on yet. All you can do is link to websites, such as this preview of Heroes. What fun is that? I want to embed the video! Oh, well I guess I will have to search YouTube for a bootlegged copy. :-)


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