EJ’s Haircuts & More


Today as I was leaving school there was a big accident on my way home. This forced me to drive to a small town/community just east of Sacramento called Fair Oaks. As I was driving along I took a wrong turn (I am still learning my way around) and ended up on a block that felt vaguely familiar. After confirming that this wasn’t just a bad case of deja vu, it dawned on me that EJ’s was just around the corner!

When I was a kid this is where my mom would take my brothers and I for a haircut. On one side of the shop you get a little trim, while the other half of the store contains toys for doting parents to purchase. As an adult I am kind of amazed that my parents took me there. Instead of just paying for a haircut, they had to pay for that AND a toy. If I had kids I would never even drive by the place. It still looks like the 1980’s inside. No Nintendo DSs or PSPs to be found anywhere. 😀


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