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This year two of my projects have been nominated for Edublog Awards. This is a first for me and I have to say its very flattering to think that someone thought highly enough of each project to submit it as a nomination.  Wow…  I’m still trying to figure out who you are just so that I can say “Thank You!”  The two projects that have been nominated are this blog and Salk’s Periodic Table.  JoeWoodOnline has been nominated for as a best educational tech support blog, which I have say is rather hysterical in my mind.  I have never considered myself a “tech expert” unless fixing your parent’s wireless router and removing malware from their computer every time you go for a holiday visit counts.   However, I am always willing to share the ideas or products I have found and will continue to do so because improving education is always based in sharing innovation.  I have to admit, the feedback and comments I receive are always highly motivating as well.

While having JoeWoodOnline nominated is quite flattering, I am much more excited about Salks Periodic Table being nominated for a Best Educational Wiki Award.  Originally I had chosen to use the Apple wiki hosted at my site for this project, but it was down (maybe indefinitely) the week I needed to start the project and it wasn’t capable of making the front page periodic table.  On top of that it was in a “walled garden” meaning my students’ work would not have been shared with the world.  As I teach technology to my students I am very passionate about helping them understand the concept that what they do online can be seen by anyone and shared with the world.  I had a fear though that there may be no substantial evidence to prove this concept to my very skeptical students.  Fortunately, I was incorrect!  Each day we check the StatCounter logs to see where people live who are visiting our wiki and once in awhile someone even posts a placemark on our collaborative Google Map on the Visitor’s Page.  Its amazing when we receive a new placemark to see my kids get really passionate about their work.  Keep in mind I teach at a low performing school with students who are largely digital have-nots and have challenging personal lives.  By visiting our site and posting a comment on the Visitor’s Page you’ve opened their eyes to a world they honestly never knew existed.

So, if you are so inclined stop by Edublog Awards and vote for Salks Periodic Table and JoeWoodOnline.  While you are there check out the rest of the nominees.  Its a great way to meet some new bloggers and pump up your RSS reader.


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