Getting Kids Thinking: Podcast Episode 7


Over the weekend Burt and I recorded Episode 7 of the EdTechClassroom Podcast.  This one is all about collaborative projects for your students to help them become 21st Century critical thinkers.  In spite of what nearly every staff meeting seems to unofficially say, all of us know there is more to teaching than raising multiple choice test scores.  Collaborative projects such as this, this, and this are great ways to get your students prepared for a future of working with others in the same building, room, country, continent, or planet.  After reading Wikinomics I’m convinced collaborative experience will become a significant career skill for our students.  I’m purposely being a little vague about the episode so you’ll head on over to the EdTechClassroom blog and have a listen.  :-)  Post a comment and let us know what you think the next program should be all about.


Photo: Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept by Lumaxart on Flickr


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