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I’m sitting in Session 2 at ILC where I am learning about using in the classroom with my students from Lee Kolbert.  To get an idea of what is, take a look at the Common Craft Video above, Social Bookmarking in Plain English.  Its a great overview.

I’ve been using to host all of my favorite bookmarks and share them with other educators for the past year or so.  Using us all about networking.  Let’s say you have a problem to solve or a resource you are looking for. Why would you solve it on your own, when you can enlist some friends? and other social bookmarking sites are just one example of how Web 2.0 tools can easily connect you to others and their ideas.

What are the Advantages to Using and Why Should You Use It?

  1. Bookmarks are Online – Available from anywhere you have Internet access.
  2. Easily Add more Bookmarks – Install the bookmark buttons on your browser and with a few clicks you can be adding sites in no time at all.  Some web pages also have buttons at the bottom of a post
  3. Use Your Network – With in you can set up your network to be community of friends or colleagues interested in similar subjects.  By searching the list of tags and bookmarks posted by your friends you an easily find great resources.  Personally, I use this on a regular basis. has become an integral part of my Personal Learning Network (Yeah, remember that post way back in March? :-))
  4. Keep Links Private – Let’s say you want to add some links, but you really don’t want to share them with the rest of the world.  Well, you can keep those private by checking a small box when you add them.
  5. Find Others – Choose a site you have added to  Look at the number of other people who have also added it.  Click on that number and find the actual list of users who have added that site.  Click on on of their names.  You may find they have a similar interest.
  6. Add a Network – If you find a user with a similar interest you can easily add them to your network by clicking “Add to my Network.”  Think of creating a networks by following teachers at your own site or in your district.  This would be an easy way to collaborate on finding and collecting valuable classroom resources.  When you tag a site you can also tag it with a user’s name and it will send the link directly to them.

Using it at school.  Lee presented an interesting idea creating accounts for your students and having them collect sites for a project.  Students could easily share resources amongst each other through their network.  That network could consist of students in the same class or students from all over the world.  As a teacher you can also easily see what they have posted and send links to students who are a little behind on the project due to absences or other reasons.  You can also bundle users in your network together into groups like 1st Period and 2nd Period or Biology Class and Chemistry Class.

One last thing – “” has now become “”  You don’t have to use the dots anymore, but either one will take you to the same place.  I kind of miss the dots – it made it a little kitschy. :-)



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