Death by a Thousand PowerPoints


I think I am giving up PowerPoint. Its probably become the most overused piece of software in education and I am so sick of creating them.

When I started teaching with technology PowerPoint made a lot of sense for my direct instruction lessons. At the time creating these files was very time intensive, but I thought it would get a little better. I did find some shortcuts like Googling for PowerPoints first, creating outlines in Word and sending them to PowerPoint, and sharing with friends. Two years later, I feel like I am still spending SO much time creating these things and I am beginning to wonder how effective they are. Initially my students were mesmerized by images and video clips being displayed on the screen, but I have been noticing that they seem to be losing interest. On top of that I kind of feel like PowerPoint has stolen the soul of some of my lessons.

I have been suffering from major PowerPoint burn out since the end of last school year. I was so happy in May when I realized I had made my last one! When I opened up PowerPoint this year that techno nausea came back. Just to be different I started using Keynote. It has some nice features and looks great, but in many ways it is PowerPoint-lite. Would it be so hard to take a Microsoft product, copy all of its features, and then make it better? :-)

Perhaps I will take a little PowerPoint/Keynote hiatus and return to the days of running around in front of the white board with a bunch of different colored markers. Any better ideas?


Photo: Welcome to PowerPoint by Garethjmsaunders

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