CNET – Kids Say Email is Dead


When I read this article and the corresponding comments on CNET News I had to laugh. It is just another example of the technology divide that exists between teachers and students.

In a large part I have to agree with these kids. Email is slow and in terms of communicating with certain people email has died for me. As my life has become more and more technology enabled, I find myself using email less and less. Before I send out an email to certain friends I always check to see if they are on GoogleTalk or iChat first. And for a few of these people, I know I will get a quicker response via text message. I can count on one hand how many times students sent me direct emails last year. However, I received hundreds (if not thousands) of instant messages through our class Moodle page.

Ironically, while kids are text messaging and IMing each other some teachers still aren’t checking their email. One fellow teacher told me last year that he thought email was evil and wasn’t going to be checking it until it became a required part of his job. Well, it did and I had to show him how to use Outlook and help him remember his password. When it comes to technology, sometimes it is best to let the kids lead the way and hang on as tightly as you can.


Photo: “iPhone SMS as Instant Message” by Eric Rice


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