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Videoconferencing RoomSince starting my new job one of my projects has been working on the redesign of one of our high schools.  This high school is over a century old and is receiving modernization bond money.  While modernizing the facilities, the school is also refocusing its curriculum and instructional goals to meet the needs of 21st century learners and prepare a future workforce.  As part of the instructional technology team, one of our tasks has been to develop a plan for a 21st Century Classroom. At the moment we’re starting with one building, a classroom building, consisting of seven classrooms shared by multiple teachers and teacher workstation area where each teacher will have their own office to meet individually with students and colleagues during office hours.  Below you will find the three scenarios we are proposing for each of the seven classrooms.  I’m curious what you think. 

As you look through the three plans keep the following things in mind.

  • The plan covers instructional technology – how the teacher will be delivering content to students.
  • These classrooms will house subjects such as English, math, and history.  Eventually, we will be developing plans for the more specialized classrooms (science, media labs, career pathway classrooms).
  • The plan doesn’t cover any student technology, because the modernization bond does not cover these tools.  However, a secondary plan, we still have to finalize will involve a COW of 30 laptops (maybe Macbooks or netbooks) for each classroom.
  • At the front of each room is a storage rack enclosed in a cabinet for all of the audio, video, and computer components
  • Adjacent to the rack/cabinet are two sliding whiteboards that open up to reveal an interactive whiteboard or large LCD display.
  • The plan does include Wireless N for each room, floor and wall outlets, DVI connections when possible, VGA inputs in each corner, and Ethernet drops in groups of four.
  • Ideally, the instructional technology hardware plan we choose will eventually be replicated in every library or media center throughout the district (70+ schools) to provide professional development and as a model for future modernization at each site.

So take a moment to view our list and please poke it apart.  Your scrutiny will make the proposal stronger and in the end make instruction more effective for our students.



Photo: Video Conferencing Center for Interactive Teaching – Emory University by jisc_infonet on Flickr


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