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Chatter by Shiny White BoxToday I got an email from Shiny White Box, the New Zealand-based developers of iShowU and Stomp advertising a new product, Chatter. I love iShowU use it all the time to make movies and tutorials for students, parents and fellow teachers. The program’s a bargain at $20! With that in mind I happily gave Chatter a whirl.

Chatter lets you use iChat to screen cast with your friends. Lets say you’re chatting with a coworker online and you’d love to show them something on your screen. Chatter lets you easily open up a window on your screen which your friends can see. By holding down the Alt key and dragging your mouse you can even move your friends around your desktop.

It does have a few downsides. You and your friend both need Macs using iChat. I think both of you also need to have Leopard. I say “think” because Chatter didn’t seem to work with my friend who had Tiger, but did work with my friend who had Leopard. On the Chatter FAQ website it says it that you can use your AOL or .Mac accounts, but not Google Talk. However, it worked with my friend who was using Google Talk himself, so I am not 100% sure.

Overall, Chatter seems to be a great product and another bargain at $14 ($9 if you got the same email I did with a coupon code). Too bad its not more PC-friendly. Unfortunately, like most people I haven’t been able to convert all of my friends and colleagues to the wonderful-world of Mac OS. I guess its just another reason to convince them to make the switch.


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