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Friday Fun with Animoto

I read about Animoto on Ewan McIntosh’s blog this morning. If you haven’t ever checked out his blog, you should. Since he is based out of the United Kingdom he usually has perspectives, tips, and resources you may not have seen in other places. As far as Animoto goes, I love anything where users can […]

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Social Networking & Education

During the past few days I have been reading lots about the National School Boards Association’s recommendations for using social networking technology (chatting, texting, blogging, and visiting online communities like MySpace and Facebook) in education. For example, there are some great thoughts from bloggers here, here, and here. I am purposely not mentioning their names […]

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The Power of Web 2.0

My Presentation The power of Web 2.0. I am always amazed at all of the web based programs and widgets I can find online. What amazes me even more is seeing these technologies being used by people and how quickly this connects all of us. This is especially apparent during tragedies or natural disasters. Last […]

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Playing with Splashr AGAIN!

For those of you in Modesto I am not referring to Splasher. I am talking about Splashr. Amazing what an “e” or lack there of can do! As I mentioned in an earlier post, today was my first day back to school. I went in and started unpacking my new (to me) room and attempted […]

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I had completely forgotten all about Splashr. When I went to London over Spring Break I used Splashr to display pictures on a blog for family and friends to read about my trip. It is a pretty fun tool related to Flickr. Check it out when you have a moment. I also found a link […]

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Jing! So Cool!

This morning Will Richardson had a post about Skitch and in his message he mentioned a program called Jing. Of course, I had to check it out and I am so glad that I did! Have you ever needed a way to show someone how to do something on a computer and perhaps you weren’t […]

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CNET – Kids Say Email is Dead

When I read this article and the corresponding comments on CNET News I had to laugh. It is just another example of the technology divide that exists between teachers and students. In a large part I have to agree with these kids. Email is slow and in terms of communicating with certain people email has […]

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YouTube-CNN Debates

Sometimes I really wish I didn’t teach science. Whenever election season draws near I start thinking, “Hmm….it would be really cool to teach social studies.” Perhaps it is because I was once a staffer in the California State Assembly or perhaps it is because I can see all of the potential uses of technology as […]

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This would be an example of when I am probably the last person to find out about something. Yesterday while reading through my daily dose of the Blogosphere I saw a post about Pageflakes. This free online product is a website that collects various RSS feeds to create a unique homepage for individual students. The […]

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