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iPhone Update

This is primarily for Burt, John, and Terry… So Steve Jobs announced today, among other things, that the price of the 8GB iPhone dropped $200 from $599 to $399. Of course this is $100 less than I paid for my 4GB model a little over a week ago. Thanks to Apple’s 14 day return policy […]

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Well, I did it. Today I joined iPhone mania. I have only had it out of the box for about an hour, but so far I love it. I am having to learn to type using its keypad because my fingers are too big for it. The buttons seemed designed for a small child. However, […]

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First Day of School

Like many of you, Monday is my first day of school. The boxes are unpacked, copies are made, pencils are sharpened, and forms are piled on everyone’s desk. I even have a few computer and lab activities ready to go for later in the week. This time of year is always full of mixed emotions. […]

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Christmas in August?

Perhaps this is the moment when I should realize that I might be a bit obsessed. Its 1am on a Saturday night during the summer and I am pouring over Edusoft reports. I received a text from another teacher at 7pm tonight that our California Standards Test scores were available online. Naturally, I was no […]

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