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Something to Watch – School 2.0

Like many educators today I am afraid that the current model of accountability solely through multiple choice tests is possibly creating a generation of students who are great test-takers, but lacking necessary critical-thinking career skills. With that in mind I am always excited to see students challenge themselves to create content that will do more […]

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Wiki 2.0

A few months ago I decided to try something new with my students. After reading about the wiki textbook created by Clay Burell’s students I tried creating one of my own with one of my 8th grade classes. So far the results have been fantastic. Students regularly beg for “wiki work days” where they decode […]

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What They Play

While taking a lunch break from grad school homework this afternoon I saw a short story on CNN about a new video game website geared towards parents (and many teachers). What They Play is an online video game guide created for those of us who hear a lot about these games from our children or […]

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Survey Says….

At the beginning of the school year I had each of my students take a technology survey the first time they logged onto Moodle. I wanted to know what they already knew about technology and how it influenced their education and after-school activities. Since those first days of school, a few other teachers have used […]

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Are You Preaching to the Choir?

Yesterday was our annual district-wide in-service day and I have to say it was great one! Yes, you read that right. Yesterday in between a few short test-score talks my superintendent showed the audience Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod’s “Did You Know?” video and introduced his new blog. Chances are that if you are reading […]

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Earth Guide

Since it is the first week of school I am a little behind on my blog reading. However, while I was catching up over lunch I noticed this great site from the Japan Space and Technology Agency. Earth Guide contains an interactive tour of the planet and its location in space. The site contains eight […]

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Learning – Even When School Hasn’t Started

Sometimes junior high students simply amaze me. Last week our technology director created new Moodle accounts for all of our incoming students. Their log on information is different from last year, but still something they can probably figure out with a little creative thinking. Sure enough, at least one student already has. As I was […]

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