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Elementary Google Apps EDU

Back in December I wrote about our Google Apps EDU rollout with elementary students. As I mentioned in that post Iwas initially bit unsure as to how much these kids really needed Google Accounts  and wondered if they could even remember their passwords. However, as I wrote the kids really surprised me and I found […]

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AMA Superbike Movie

[youtube:] After my Facebook and Twitter status updates yesterday I have received a few requests to post the video I am showing in class today.  Its just a short, almost 3 minute movie about the AMA Superbike Race at Laguna Seca that I made in the car on the way home last night. A few […]

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Playing with Poll Everywhere

As scary as it might sound to certain administrators, I like using cell phones in my classroom.  After fighting their infiltration for a few years, I finally realized they might not be all that bad when I stumbled upon Liz Kolb’s Cell Phones in Learning blog.  At my previous school I tried using Wiffiti a […]

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Like Fish to Water

This summer I’m teaching three weeks of summer school at my new school with my buddy Paul.  During my portion of the class we’re focusing on blogging (and as I quickly found out reviewing how to properly log on to the computer too).  Due to some server issues and getting the laptops set up for […]

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PowerPoint Review Games

For a few years I have been using PowerPoint to review with my kids just before a test or trimester final. It works well for almost any group of students. Sometimes we play in teams, some times students answer timed questions on a sheet of paper and try to have the highest score. Either method […]

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My favorite tech director (from who I have gleaned many great ideas) has started his own blog, Edutonica.  This new enterprise focuses on strategies for the effective use of technology in education.  The most recent post has an easy-to-implement idea for enhancing vocabulary lessons using Flickr and PowerPoint complete with video tutorials (click on the […]

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