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Microsoft’s Latest Shakedown

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to pick up a copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac (Office 2008). I was excited to get this product because it was nice to finally have a version of Office that ran natively on my Mac. No more slow starts, hiccups, or random crashes. Well, at […]

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Saving Flash Movies

During the past week I have had a a few different reasons for needing to download flash movies (YouTube and TeacherTube) to my computer. One of my students wanted to add a great YouTube video to his element report. One of my coworkers needed help downloading a MRSA video for a presentation she was giving […]

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A Week with Leopard

Well, tomorrow it will be one week since I upgraded to Leopard. So far, its been an overall good experience – definitely much better than any Windows upgrade I have experienced. That doesn’t mean it has been perfect. There have been a few hiccups, but I guess that is what I get for being one […]

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Virtual Lab Part Deux

In the summer of 2006 Lisa and I had the opportunity to attend the NECC conference in San Diego. While we were there we attended a conference about NASA’s Virtual Lab. This free, downloadable program allows your students to experience using electron microscopes. If you are having a deja vu moment its because you’ve seen […]

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Two weeks from today will be my first official day at work. Naturally, like most teachers I am already here working on my classroom and attempting to get a head start on what will likely be a challenging and exciting year. Since I am two weeks out, ’tis the season for lesson planning. Every year […]

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Bonjour for PC

About a year ago I made the big switch. I set aside my school Dell laptop, ordered a MacBook and haven’t looked back since. One of the reasons (and there are many) while I love my MacBook has to do with its ability to find networked printers. At home I have two laser printers on […]

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Google Sketch Up

If you are using Google SketchUp in your classroom or just as a hobby, you may want to add the Official Google SketchUp Blog to your aggregator. There is also a link to a helpful online companion to Google SketchUp for Dummies. This webpage has links to great video tutorials. I personally plan on adding […]

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