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Create Comics with the iPhone!

Today is the final day of the EETT Summer Institute and we have the luxury of learning about Comic Life from our very own Comic Life Master – Linda Giguere. If you have never used Comic Life think about checking out the manufacturer’s website. You can download a free 30 day trial and the pricing […]

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In a great example of the flattening 21st century world I stumbled across a fantastic graphing resource produced by the U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics on Tom Barret’s (a British teacher) blog.  Create-a-Graph is a simple to use web-based graphing program.  Users can choose from bar, area, line, pie, and XY […]

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Becoming Tri-platform

For as long as I can remember I have been a Windows user.  I vaguely remember my parents having Windows 3.1 when I was in high school and my first computer came with a shiny new copy of Windows 95.  After many years of Windows 95, 98, ME (yes, it was awful), and finally XP […]

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Create Your Own YouTube with PHP Motion

One of the best parts of attending technology conferences is the conversations you get to have with other participants.  At ILC08 I ran into colleagues from all over the state and gleaned quite a few good ideas.  During one of the sessions I posted this week my old tech director, John Patten, attended a session […]

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Google Goggles

Today on NPR’s Weekend America heard a great story about Google Goggles that had me in stitches.  In college I first heard the phrase “looking though beer goggles.”  For those who don’t know this statement’s meaning, basically it summarizes the poor decision making skills each of us has when an inebriated state.  Now Google has […]

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Apple Remote Desktop

Ahhh….Apple Remote Desktop…  For classroom teachers I swear this is the best piece of software Apple has ever designed! Just two weeks ago I was becoming highly annoyed by all of the computers in my room.  I do a pretty good job of monitoring online behavior, but to be completely honest sometimes I miss things.  […]

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Chatter by Shiny White Box

Today I got an email from Shiny White Box, the New Zealand-based developers of iShowU and Stomp advertising a new product, Chatter. I love iShowU use it all the time to make movies and tutorials for students, parents and fellow teachers. The program’s a bargain at $20! With that in mind I happily gave Chatter […]

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