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Social Studies Primary Resources

Today I am sitting at a technology workshop next to my motorcycle buddy, Linda. She has a much nicer bike than me (a very pretty BMW), so I always make sure to help her out. Maybe she’ll take me for a ride one day! Linda just mentioned that she has a daunting technology project where […]

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YouTube-CNN Debates

Sometimes I really wish I didn’t teach science. Whenever election season draws near I start thinking, “Hmm….it would be really cool to teach social studies.” Perhaps it is because I was once a staffer in the California State Assembly or perhaps it is because I can see all of the potential uses of technology as […]

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Google Lit Trips

Last week while reading some random blog I found myself immersed in Google Earth related lesson plans. I find these lessons so interesting because they tie some concept to a geographical location. Using the power of Google Earth I am immediately hooked on something I would have otherwise skipped or ignored. I wonder how many […]

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Today’s Front Pages

A link to this website was emailed to me a few weeks ago and I managed to spend nearly 2 hours reading newspapers from around the world. Somewhere between the LA Times and the London Daily Telegraph I realized this website could be a great resource for a social studies or language arts teacher. Newseum […]

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