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Chains & Forge – Book(s) of the Week

In the honor of the final week of Christmas shopping, this week’s Book of the Week is a 2-for-1 special!  Actually, a few weeks ago one of my Writing Workshop teachers shared that he was reading Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson with his 8th grade ELA/History class to help them better understand slavery and the […]

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Oregon Trail for the iPhone

[youtube:””] My first foray into educational technology was in 4th grade when we went to the brand new Apple IIe computer lab to play Oregon Trail.  I loved this game, but never quite figured out whether it was better float my wagon across the river or just pull it across.  Well, now I can continue […]

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Picking a President

This Monday is the last day to register to vote in California.  I repeat, it is the LAST day to register to vote!  If you are 18 or over, living in California, and still haven’t registered to vote please click THIS LINK! Honestly, I don’t mind you leaving my blog for a little voter registration.  […]

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Rumsey Historical Maps

As a former social studies student who would stare at the maps on the wall rather than listen to the teacher I have always found historical maps to be extremely interesting – especially when they are compared to modern maps. On an antique map I would always try to find the location of something I […]

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Google Earth (& Maps) in the Clasroom

Thursday afternoon right about now I will be getting ready to teach one of my favorite professional development classes (right next to blogging and wikis) for CTAP6 – Google Earth in the Classroom. Yippee! This time around I am also including some information about Google Maps as well. It will be my first time teaching […]

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Presidential Election 2008

Unless you’ve been somewhere that doesn’t have TV, radio, or the Internet, you probably know that 2008 is a Presidential Election year in the United States. Currently, we are in the midst of Primary Season where Republican and Democrats select their candidate for the main Presidential Election in November. During Advisory we try to spend […]

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