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Pasco Christmas in June

Look what arrived in my office this afternoon!  One of the middle schools in our district is providing a summer school class that combines hands-on science, language arts, and technology.  Working with the organic farm adjacent to the campus the group of students at this school will be working on a very nifty project called […]

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Can You Find the Forces?

As I’ve mentioned in past weeks I’m trying to refocus technology usage in my classroom so that its simple and seamless. I want to move away from the mindset that students can only use technology to produce large projects. At a 1:1 school I feel technology should be used everyday for even the most basic […]

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Wild About a Wiki Periodic Table

Another year…another wiki.  Last year my students constructed a wiki textbook along with a wiki glossary.  The year before we used the Moodle wiki as work spaces for a roller coaster project.  This year we’re using wikis again and adding a new collaboration – a Wiki Periodic Table. I love using wikis in the classroom […]

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In a great example of the flattening 21st century world I stumbled across a fantastic graphing resource produced by the U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics on Tom Barret’s (a British teacher) blog.  Create-a-Graph is a simple to use web-based graphing program.  Users can choose from bar, area, line, pie, and XY […]

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Atomic Comic Lifes

This past weekend I came up with a couple of new blogging goals.  Once of these is to share more of the technology projects my students are doing in class.  I know that as I stumble through the blogosphere I appreciate the ideas of others.  Sometimes the simplest, most effective uses of technology never cross […]

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Spicing Up Notes

[youtube:] My students and I have been spending the past few days on projects related to speed, velocity, and acceleration.  Tomorrow is what I always refer to as the “inevitable notes day.”  I am not a big fan of being a sage-on-the-stage and I’ve yet to meet a class that loves taking notes.  However, sometimes […]

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[youtube:] As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, Frontline is one of my favorite shows and its investigative journalism can’t be beat.  Tonight’s episode, HEAT, discusses the politics of global warming and environmental policy.  I am sure I will be both enlightened and angered – even more angered than when I hear […]

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Tracking Ants

A few months ago NOVA aired and episode called Lord of the Ants (there’s a link to buy a copy below).  It was fascinating!  You might be thinking, “Yeah right…fascinating and ants?  Those two words don’t go together.”  Well, I agree that program all about ants doesn’t sound that interesting at first, but it really […]

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