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Snowing in Sacramento

I wish fall would just hurry up and get here!  I’m spending another October Sunday in summer clothes as its supposed to be 85 degrees in Sacramento.  As a California native, I’m one of those strange people (according to all my Midwestern and New England friends) who has never lived in a place where it […]

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In a great example of the flattening 21st century world I stumbled across a fantastic graphing resource produced by the U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics on Tom Barret’s (a British teacher) blog.  Create-a-Graph is a simple to use web-based graphing program.  Users can choose from bar, area, line, pie, and XY […]

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Numbers in Action

Last week I stumbled across a fascinating post on Media Shift about Politcal Polling Sites.  I am still digesting all of its information.  I’m aware of the fact that each Presidential candidate pays for private polling data for their down data-driven decision making and that news outlets will also sponsor polls.  What I did not […]

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Today via Techlearning I stumbled across HippoCampus. I may very well be the last person on the planet to hear about it, but it was so good I had to create a post. This fantastic, free website is a product of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education and contains a collection of multimedia tutorials […]

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Google Earth (& Maps) in the Clasroom

Thursday afternoon right about now I will be getting ready to teach one of my favorite professional development classes (right next to blogging and wikis) for CTAP6 – Google Earth in the Classroom. Yippee! This time around I am also including some information about Google Maps as well. It will be my first time teaching […]

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The Cost of Christmas

Have an extra $19,507 lying around?  Well, if you are one of these lucky people you will have just enough money to purchase your true love all of the gifts from the 12 Days of Christmas song, according to the financial services company PNC.  This lower cost of Christmas was calculated assuming you don’t repeat […]

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Math Tech Tools

I just sat through a great presentation from Jon Leister and Paul Devoto educators from the Jonas Salk High-Tech Academy in Sacramento. During the talk they shared their experience as an Apple 1:1 school and Paul shared some of the innovative strategies he is using in his math class. Many of these resources anyone could […]

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