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Fostering Voice & Choice

Last weekend I had the opportunity to read for the Scholastic Writing Awards.  Each year students throughout the United States submit original pieces of literary work for this nationwide competition and the foremost pieces are annually published in the Best of Teen Writing.  The writing can fit a variety of genres including short stories, novels, […]

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Why Writing Matters

As I drove to work earlier this week, I realized that I was on my way to one of the last Writing Workshop coaching days before the end of the year.  Cruising down the rain slicked freeway in the pre-dawn darkness I started to think about all powerful and passionate writing I had heard and […]

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Cultivating Creative Writers

As I mentioned yesterday I finished reading Rewired over the weekend and I made quite a few connections throughout the book.  One of these relates directly to a project I will be starting in a few weeks – the Area 3 Writing Project Summer Invitational Institute.  In Rewired, Rosen discusses how much the iGeneration likes […]

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21st Century Writing

Writing in the 21st Century has been a hot topic at work the past few weeks.  Trying to explain how writing has changed to colleagues who haven’t quite figured out the difference between a blog and a wiki or how either of these is different than Microsoft Word is a bit challenging.  That’s why I […]

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Vocabucasting – Session 1

Its 8:30 and I’m at my first ILC08 session, Vocabucasting – Podcasting with Vocabulary Development.  In my very own science class I am always looking for ways to develop scientific vocabulary using technology.  As a matter of fact, this week my classes are working on creating Motion Vocabulary enhanced podcasts.  To get an idea of […]

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Write It Live

As I was digging through the back end of my blog this morning (WordPress 2.6 upgrade issues) I noticed I got a few hits from  Not knowing what this product was, my curiosity led me to their site.  It looks like an interesting product. Here are a few snippets from the About page that […]

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Like Fish to Water

This summer I’m teaching three weeks of summer school at my new school with my buddy Paul.  During my portion of the class we’re focusing on blogging (and as I quickly found out reviewing how to properly log on to the computer too).  Due to some server issues and getting the laptops set up for […]

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Your Daily Lit

I have this set of classic novels sitting on a bookshelf downstairs. My grandmother bought them for me years ago. They are really nice, leather-bound books containing some great pieces of literature including Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and the The Count of Monte Cristo. Nearly all of these books I have started at […]

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