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The Secret to Protecting Your Email Address

Did you know that if you put your email address in a blog post, web page or even in a comment on Twitter or Facebook, it often gets “scraped” by automated systems (bots) looking for valid email addresses to add to their spam list? Yep, it happens all the time. And you wonder why you […]

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Learning by getting naked

You’ll either find this fascinating, or you’ll be creeped out by it.  Either way, it’s worth posting because it’s another free technology tool to use for education purposes. You’re getting “virtually” naked. It’s called “Visible Body” and it’s marketed as “…the best human anatomy visualization tool available today.” Here’s some of the features: Complete, fully interactive, […]

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The Secret to Finding the Lowest Apple Mac Price

Finding a “deal” on a new iMac, MacBook, the sexy MacBook Air, or a powerhouse Mac Pro is like trying to find middle ground in California politics.  It’s nearly impossible.  But there’s a dirty little secret – it’s call Apple Insider website (well, I guess it’s not really dirty, but it sure sounds intriguing doesn’t […]

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