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Choosing the Right Tool Part 3 – Chromebooks

I started this collection of posts not because I think there is one perfect tool as much as I believe many educators aren’t sure how different devices can be effectively used for instruction.  Only a few years ago schools really didn’t have any technology options under $1000 to consider.  However, with the proliferation of netbooks, iPads, and […]

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Trading in my Macbook Pro for an iPod Touch

For the next 48 hours I will be trading in my 15 inch Macbook Pro for an iPod Touch (aka iTouch).  Some of you might think I’m a little crazy, but after attending NECC09 and meeting people like Scott Meech and his iEar Project I want to experience what life would be like if I […]

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Choose the Classroom of the Future

Since starting my new job one of my projects has been working on the redesign of one of our high schools.  This high school is over a century old and is receiving modernization bond money.  While modernizing the facilities, the school is also refocusing its curriculum and instructional goals to meet the needs of 21st […]

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See the Future of Student Technology

What’s the future of student technology?  Without a doubt – mini notebooks.  Computers like the  Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Asus EeePC, and HP Mini 1000 will be populating classrooms of the near future.   With prices in the $300-500 range these computers are a cost effective method for implementing a 1:1 program in any school.  Even […]

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Becoming Tri-platform

For as long as I can remember I have been a Windows user.  I vaguely remember my parents having Windows 3.1 when I was in high school and my first computer came with a shiny new copy of Windows 95.  After many years of Windows 95, 98, ME (yes, it was awful), and finally XP […]

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Gary Stager & the Close of ILC 08

Well, I am home and my bags are unpacked.  Before I hit the sheets and rest up for a Friday with the kiddies I thought I would take a moment to write about my final ILC08 session. To conclude my three days of San Jose-based professional development I attended Gary Stager’s Ten Things to Do […]

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It Works! It Works! It Works!

Thanks to John’s fantastic help my $50 interactive whiteboard is up and running. The Ghetto Dell is all fixed and even has a few new updates. Apparently the re-installation CD for the Dell doesn’t include all of the features it actually needs – like Bluetooth drivers. Why? I have no idea…its bizarre to me. Man, […]

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