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Almost Ready to Publish…

This weekend I have been holed up at the Purple Sage Ranch outside of San Antonio with a brilliant group of 20 other educators from throughout the United States for the National Writing Project Digital Literacies Resource Development Retreat. Along with building new friendships, learning from some uber-innovative folks I have also been creating a […]

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Track Santa Tonight – 2010!

According to Google Analytics, one of the most popular posts on JoeWoodOnline, especially this time of year, is one from almost three years ago tomorrow.  Track Santa Tonight detailed back in 2007 how your family could track Santa’s arrival using Google Earth and NORAD. “Santa Tracker is up and running now that Santa is out […]

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Where’s Waldo?

Remember those “Where’s Waldo?” books from your childhood?  This week you can bring the hunt to life for another generation of children and maybe even win some prizes.  Borders Books UK has teamed up with Google Earth, media partner the Daily Telegraph, and Walker Books to deliver a week-long search for Wally (or Waldo in […]

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Solar System Resources

Today we started what feels like the annual whirl-wind astronomy lessons. With the CST/STAR testing 100% of the information 80% of the way through the year, some of the fun stuff unfortunately seems to get a little condensed. Space is just one of the areas where I wish we could spend a little more time! […]

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Google Earth 4.3 Update

Tonight Google Earth Blog, part my personal learning network , notified readers that there was a major Google Earth Update. Take a look at the video below posted by Frank Taylor at Google Earth Blog for a quick tour of some of the new features. [youtube:] Its definitely worth the download. I love the sunlight […]

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Google Earth (& Maps) in the Clasroom

Thursday afternoon right about now I will be getting ready to teach one of my favorite professional development classes (right next to blogging and wikis) for CTAP6 – Google Earth in the Classroom. Yippee! This time around I am also including some information about Google Maps as well. It will be my first time teaching […]

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Tracking the Torch

I just finished reading on the Google Earth Blog about a great way to follow the Olympic Torch as it travels across the world. Google has created two cartographic methods for watching the torch move from city to city using either Google Maps or Google Earth. The Google Map version is pretty informative and straight […]

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