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Oregon Trail for the iPhone

[youtube:””] My first foray into educational technology was in 4th grade when we went to the brand new Apple IIe computer lab to play Oregon Trail.  I loved this game, but never quite figured out whether it was better float my wagon across the river or just pull it across.  Well, now I can continue […]

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Free Rice Grows!

I’m sitting in the convention center lobby waiting to start my presentation in another thirty minutes or so.  While, I’m waiting I’ve been catching up on my Google Reader account.  As I dug through my unread items I found a post from Burt Lo all about Free Rice.  I’ve played this vocabulary building game in […]

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Immune Attack

From NSTA Science News I found an interesting article that appeared in eSchool News about a game released by the Federation of American Scientists called Immune Attack. Wow!  That was a long sentence, but it kind of shows my typical journey when I check my Bloglines account.  The game targets the generation currently in our […]

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Tonight I’m thinking a little about my post-STAR test lesson plans. As I mentioned last week I’d like to expand my Earth Day activities a little bit this year. I’ve never really done that day justice and with all the talk of global warming, carbon footprints, and rising fuel prices I’m feeling a little guilty. […]

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Thinking Earth Day

One of the benefits to moving is that you get to clean everything out of your house and sort of “start-over.” I am not sure if its because Earth Hour was a major event in our neighborhood last weekend…or if its because we just moved to metropolitan area with the goal of being the “Greenest […]

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