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21st Century Writing

Writing in the 21st Century has been a hot topic at work the past few weeks.  Trying to explain how writing has changed to colleagues who haven’t quite figured out the difference between a blog and a wiki or how either of these is different than Microsoft Word is a bit challenging.  That’s why I […]

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Famous Techies

Sometimes when I attend technology events I find that many of the attendees and speakers drop names like nobody’s business. “Have you read so-and-so?” “So-and-so’s blog post was amazing.” ” I can’t even believe so-and-so would advocate for that program.” Sheepishly, I often fake that I know who they are talking about and make a […]

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Brian Travels to China

Long time friend and mentor, Brian Bridges, is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Nanjing, China with his family.  Since he is the director of CLRN and CUE president he’s taking a few minutes each day to post the details of his travels from his iPod touch.  His normal blog, Brian@CLRN, is and Edublog which is […]

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Burt’s Blog

If you live in the greater Modesto area chances are you know Burt Lo. Our local CTAP6/CCUE expert in educational technology and geocaching has started his own blog – Burt’s Blog. Described as a “Repository of Burt’s Knowledge,” Burt’s Blog contains a collection of ideas, tips, and tricks for using technology in your classroom. Make […]

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21st Century Literacy

Moodle? Blogs? Wikis? Podcasts? What are you talking about? These are questions I hear quiet often from my community of educators. As I work on my resume for next school year and try to describe what I have been doing in my classroom I hesitate adding those words because I’m afraid many educators aren’t sure […]

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Something to Watch – School 2.0

Like many educators today I am afraid that the current model of accountability solely through multiple choice tests is possibly creating a generation of students who are great test-takers, but lacking necessary critical-thinking career skills. With that in mind I am always excited to see students challenge themselves to create content that will do more […]

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Saturday CLMS

Unlike most Saturdays today didn’t start at the Modesto Farmer’s Market or involve a trip to Costco and Raley’s. Today was actually a whole lot more productive.  The day started with a great keynote presentation by Will Richardson. I have been a regular reader of Will’s blog for more than a year and have gleaned […]

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Even Principals Have Blogs

This morning I discovered Scott McLeod’s post SETDA – Empowering Administrators with Professional Development. A quick scan of his presentation led me to the CASTLE website where I found a collection of administrator-related blogs. The links are found on the left side of the page. As a teacher I had never stumbled across these before. […]

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Life Round Here

I just got done raking leaves, pruning trees, and ripping out tomatoes. I am exhausted! While sitting down and catching my breath I stumbled across Chris Craft’s Life Round Here Update. Earlier this school year Chris started a simple, yet very compelling digital story telling project where students told us about where they live. The […]

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