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Getting Kids Thinking: Podcast Episode 7

Over the weekend Burt and I recorded Episode 7 of the EdTechClassroom Podcast.  This one is all about collaborative projects for your students to help them become 21st Century critical thinkers.  In spite of what nearly every staff meeting seems to unofficially say, all of us know there is more to teaching than raising multiple choice test […]

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Playing with Poll Everywhere

As scary as it might sound to certain administrators, I like using cell phones in my classroom.  After fighting their infiltration for a few years, I finally realized they might not be all that bad when I stumbled upon Liz Kolb’s Cell Phones in Learning blog.  At my previous school I tried using Wiffiti a […]

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Beating Digital Rights Management

Apple Digital Rights Management , aka DRM, how I loathe you. This afternoon I have been prepping for my lessons next week. Its the first true week of instruction (last week was the unavoidable classroom procedures, discipline, and lab safety discussions) and we’re discussing the Scientific Method. As part of my yearly activities in this […]

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Ed Tech Classroom Podcast

To celebrate the start of a new school year, Burt Lo and I have launched a new endeavor – the Ed Tech Classroom Podcast.  Actually, its much more Burt’s hard work than mine.  I’m just the court jester in the background cracking a few jokes. In our inaugural program we discuss our most recent favorite […]

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