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Learning Languages with iTunes

Anyone who has seen me in person the past few weeks knows I am busy on Thursday nights.  From 7:30-9:30 I take German classes at Sacramento’s Turn Verein.  Every week I look forward to this night of hanging out in the community center’s library stuffed full of 19th and 20th century German books and maps.  […]

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Virtual Farming

File this post in the proof-there-is-something-online-for-EVERY-teacher-to-use-with-their-students file.  Last weekend Kelly and I went to the AMA Superbike races with our friends Grant and Dylan.  Grant is an ag teacher at a local high school, so on the way down there was lots of “teacher talk” as Kelly calls it going on in the back of […]

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Pogue’s Post

This article by David Pogue from Thursday’s New York Times speaks for itself.  I bet there are a few computer tips and tricks you never knew.  Read through the article and then make sure you check out the comments section below it.  I normally NEVER recommend reading the comments section of an online newspaper article, […]

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Earlier this year my school site had to make a decision.  Should we provide Microsoft Office to our students?  At around $50 a license and with 300 new laptops arriving at the end of the summer we made the choice not to install it on student laptops.  Our school can do a whole lot more […]

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Tracking Ants

A few months ago NOVA aired and episode called Lord of the Ants (there’s a link to buy a copy below).  It was fascinating!  You might be thinking, “Yeah right…fascinating and ants?  Those two words don’t go together.”  Well, I agree that program all about ants doesn’t sound that interesting at first, but it really […]

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Write It Live

As I was digging through the back end of my blog this morning (WordPress 2.6 upgrade issues) I noticed I got a few hits from  Not knowing what this product was, my curiosity led me to their site.  It looks like an interesting product. Here are a few snippets from the About page that […]

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10:30 with Tears

Its 10:30 at night and I should have gone to bed long ago.  However, I’m still sitting downstairs reading on my laptop with tears streaming down my eyes.  Tonight I was digging through the RSS feeds in my Bloglines account and stumbled across Wesley Fryer’s description of Idit Caperton’s closing keynote at NECC 2008.  During […]

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Nifty Night

This evening I found a few cool sites to share.  MakeUseOf featured 4 Quick Ways to Download YouTube Videos today.  While I’ve done my fair share of YouTube downloading, I have never heard of any of these four.  Normally, I use or Keepvid, but sometimes both of those sites are extremely busy and work […]

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Your Daily Lit

I have this set of classic novels sitting on a bookshelf downstairs. My grandmother bought them for me years ago. They are really nice, leather-bound books containing some great pieces of literature including Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, and the The Count of Monte Cristo. Nearly all of these books I have started at […]

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