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Snowing in Sacramento

I wish fall would just hurry up and get here!  I’m spending another October Sunday in summer clothes as its supposed to be 85 degrees in Sacramento.  As a California native, I’m one of those strange people (according to all my Midwestern and New England friends) who has never lived in a place where it […]

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In a great example of the flattening 21st century world I stumbled across a fantastic graphing resource produced by the U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics on Tom Barret’s (a British teacher) blog.  Create-a-Graph is a simple to use web-based graphing program.  Users can choose from bar, area, line, pie, and XY […]

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Spicing Up Notes

[youtube:] My students and I have been spending the past few days on projects related to speed, velocity, and acceleration.  Tomorrow is what I always refer to as the “inevitable notes day.”  I am not a big fan of being a sage-on-the-stage and I’ve yet to meet a class that loves taking notes.  However, sometimes […]

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Wikify Education – Session 6

I’m at my first session this morning, Wikify Education.  The presenters, Jennifer Fano and Debbie Iosso, are administrators from Randolph, New Jersey so I am looking forward to a new perspective on using wikis in the classroom.  Last year I used them a little as my students created an online textbook and glossary last year.  […]

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Vocabucasting – Session 1

Its 8:30 and I’m at my first ILC08 session, Vocabucasting – Podcasting with Vocabulary Development.  In my very own science class I am always looking for ways to develop scientific vocabulary using technology.  As a matter of fact, this week my classes are working on creating Motion Vocabulary enhanced podcasts.  To get an idea of […]

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