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Activboard User Group – ABUG

Since we’re already halfway through March this is the time of year that we start planning for next school year.  Naturally, a significant piece of planning for next year is reflecting on what we were able to accomplish since August.  As I reflect on this year one of the most exciting projects my team has […]

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5 Best Library of Congress Links

Last week, while attending NECC09, I included a session on using primary sources from the Library of Congress on my agenda.  If you’ve never used the Library of Congress website, then you’re missing out on a host of phenomenal resources to use with your students.  Unfortunately, the Library of Congress website is very convoluted and […]

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Students Teaching Students about Cyberbullying

This afternoon at the EETT Summer Institute we’re focusing on the topic of cybersafety. To kick of the discussion Laurel showed this phenomenal student-produced documentary created by a middle school student right here in Sacramento. The video, “Girl Bullying,” won a SEVA Award from the Sacramento Educational Consortium for 7-8 Documentary. Take a moment to […]

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A Kindle for Every California Student

In case you missed it, yesterday Governor Schwarzenegger launched an initiative to make California the first state in the nation to offer schools free, open-source digital textbooks for high school students. The goal is to ensure these books are available to high school math and science students this fall. Here is a link to the […]

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Hulu for the Bob Ross Set

If the title of this post caught your eye, then you’re probably a bit of a PBS nerd like me.  Remember the good old days of Bob Ross?  I always thought he was a bit strange, but even from an early age I remember being mesmerized by what he could do with a little bit […]

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Top 10 Websites all in 1 Place!

While recording our podcast this weekend, I learned of a handy new metasearch engine – Joongel.  This site allows users to easily find images, music, and video (among many other things) by searching the top 10 websites in each area.  From the image search perspective I really like how Joongel allows you to simply find […]

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