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Iraqi Blogger Round Up

I saw this story on the BBC News Headlines this afternoon. I am not completely sure why the story showed up today. Perhaps there is something wrong with their RSS feed. While the story is from May, it reminded me of the power blogging has for connecting people through personal stories. Last summer during the […]

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Christmas in August?

Perhaps this is the moment when I should realize that I might be a bit obsessed. Its 1am on a Saturday night during the summer and I am pouring over Edusoft reports. I received a text from another teacher at 7pm tonight that our California Standards Test scores were available online. Naturally, I was no […]

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YouTube-CNN Debates

Sometimes I really wish I didn’t teach science. Whenever election season draws near I start thinking, “Hmm….it would be really cool to teach social studies.” Perhaps it is because I was once a staffer in the California State Assembly or perhaps it is because I can see all of the potential uses of technology as […]

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Today’s Front Pages

A link to this website was emailed to me a few weeks ago and I managed to spend nearly 2 hours reading newspapers from around the world. Somewhere between the LA Times and the London Daily Telegraph I realized this website could be a great resource for a social studies or language arts teacher. Newseum […]

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