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10:30 with Tears

Its 10:30 at night and I should have gone to bed long ago.  However, I’m still sitting downstairs reading on my laptop with tears streaming down my eyes.  Tonight I was digging through the RSS feeds in my Bloglines account and stumbled across Wesley Fryer’s description of Idit Caperton’s closing keynote at NECC 2008.  During […]

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Yes on Prop 1 / No on Prop 8

Today California Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced proposition numbers or this November’s ballot measures.  Normally I am pretty apolitical, especially in cyberspace, but these two items I am pretty passionate about so I feel compelled to share my two cents. Prop 1 – Bond Measure for California High Speed Rail Drive past your local […]

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Smokey Sacramento

Its sunny, 82 degrees with 34% humidity and yet I am sitting inside with the air conditioning on and the windows tightly closed.  “Why?” you might wonder.  Well, it seems most of Northern California’s hilly areas are on fire after a rash of dry lightning strikes last weekend. Sacramento, along with the rest of the […]

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Encyclopedia Britannica Goes Wiki

As I mentioned in my last post, I was a bit distracted by household chores last week, so I missed the official announcement that Encyclopedia Britannica was going to adopt a wiki format. I did hear a little snippet on NPR that led me to this article on Wired News from last week. I wonder […]

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Phoenix Mars Mission

At the end of a three-day holiday weekend my mind always turns towards tomorrow – the first day back. I’m sitting at a midtown Sacramento coffee shop and next to me a fellow teacher is lesson planning and grading papers. Oh that’s right…this time tomorrow I will be with students. So, how am I going […]

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I have always been intrigued by Victorian-era invention thinking. Posters of the great World’s Fairs and their featured inventions have always captured my attention with futuristic visions of a techie tomorrow. On that note, I’ve always liked the 1950’s videos films of the kitchens of the future too. Where’s that nuclear-powered stove that floats out […]

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TED Talks News Media

This has to be one of the most disturbing TED videos I have ever seen. It angers me to think that so many of us watch, listen, or read the news and think we know what is going on, when in reality we really have no clue. Everything is brought to us through a filter […]

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Well I almost did it. A few minutes ago I felt a slight pain in my stomach as I remembered that I hadn’t checked by Bloglines account today. Sure enough I had 92 unread items. I almost clicked “Mark All Read,” but fortunately a touch of guilt prevented me from pulling the trigger. Near the […]

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