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Do YOU Geocache?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this weekend I had the opportunity to attend the CLMS/CLHS Technology Conference in Monterey.  Unfortunately, the wireless Internet was absolutely horrible and I was unable to live blog.  Initially, I thought this week I would be posting thoughts, reflections, and innovative ideas I took away from the conference.  […]

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Packing my Bags!

Tonight’s been a flurry of activity around my house – emptying the trash, finishing up those last grad school assignments, writing sub plans, and packing my suitcase.  Tomorrow as the final bell rings and I wave good bye to the kiddies (I have bus duty, so yes I’ll really be out there) I’m hopping in […]

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Create Your Own YouTube with PHP Motion

One of the best parts of attending technology conferences is the conversations you get to have with other participants.  At ILC08 I ran into colleagues from all over the state and gleaned quite a few good ideas.  During one of the sessions I posted this week my old tech director, John Patten, attended a session […]

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Gary Stager & the Close of ILC 08

Well, I am home and my bags are unpacked.  Before I hit the sheets and rest up for a Friday with the kiddies I thought I would take a moment to write about my final ILC08 session. To conclude my three days of San Jose-based professional development I attended Gary Stager’s Ten Things to Do […]

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Choosing Technology Wisely – ILC08

Bam!  At 5:30 this morning my eyes were open and I was ready to roll!  After checking out of the hotel, grabbing some coffee, and Moodling the kids at school I was able to attend Antwon Lincoln’s early morning session on Technology Implementation.  I’ve had the luxury of reading his book, Confessions of a Technology […]

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Free Rice Grows!

I’m sitting in the convention center lobby waiting to start my presentation in another thirty minutes or so.  While, I’m waiting I’ve been catching up on my Google Reader account.  As I dug through my unread items I found a post from Burt Lo all about Free Rice.  I’ve played this vocabulary building game in […]

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Wisdom of the Mob – Session 7

The mere title of this session piqued my interest.  I currently have Clay Shirkey’s Here Comes Everybody and James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds on my Amazon to-be-read-soon list, so this session should be a good fit.  Web 2.0 tools including YouTube, Second Life, blogging, podcasting, and social bookmarking are quickly changing the American global […]

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