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Book of the Week – Because Digital Writing Matters

This week’s Book of the Week is one that brings together many of my passions – technology, literacy, and student voice.  Because Digital Writing Matters, published by the National Writing Project expands an earlier conversation started in Because Writing Matters, to include importance of digital writing.  Through my work with the National Writing Project I […]

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The Books of 2010 – A Literary Look Back

This morning I finished the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire.  As I logged this book into Goodreads, I started to look over the books I have read this year and wondered, “how many books have I read?”  I guessed around 30.  Last Christmas I received a Kindle and I know the […]

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“The Writing Project Saves Good Teachers…”

Last week I wrote about a book I discovered at the National Writing Project annual meeting, The Book Whisperer.  The author, Donalyn Miller, was inspirational both in her writing and her speech. Yesterday, I discovered a video of her remarks and I thought a few of you might like to check it out. [youtube:] While […]

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Chains & Forge – Book(s) of the Week

In the honor of the final week of Christmas shopping, this week’s Book of the Week is a 2-for-1 special!  Actually, a few weeks ago one of my Writing Workshop teachers shared that he was reading Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson with his 8th grade ELA/History class to help them better understand slavery and the […]

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Your Neighborhood Book Sale

Anyone building a self-funded classroom library? Perhaps you’re a teacher in a Writing Workshop school or building a Reading Workshop program? Maybe you’ve checked out The Book Whisperer and wondering how you could create your own version of Donalyn’s book collection? Regardless of your reasons, if you are in the market for any children’s books […]

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Reading for Minutes

Last night I started Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer – Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child.  While I am only a few chapters into the book, I can tell that Donalyn and I have more in common than just being National Writing Project teaching consultants.  (Yea, she’s a homie – we’re everywhere.)  We have […]

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The Non-Designer’s Presentation Book – Summer Read

As we prepared for this week’s ActivInspire Summer Institute one of my team’s goals was to start developing a common language of multimedia instruction by to reviewing current literature and the work of our Promethean action research group.  My team and I took a look at books from various authors including: Multimedia Learning by Richard Mayer […]

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The Socially Networked Classroom

This evening I had the opportunity to start a great and timely new book.  Last month I ordered a copy of The Socially Networked Classroom – Teaching in the New Media Age by William Kist after seeing it on my Amazon Recommends List.  For a couple of weeks its been sitting on the book shelf […]

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Cultivating Creative Writers

As I mentioned yesterday I finished reading Rewired over the weekend and I made quite a few connections throughout the book.  One of these relates directly to a project I will be starting in a few weeks – the Area 3 Writing Project Summer Invitational Institute.  In Rewired, Rosen discusses how much the iGeneration likes […]

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