Californian Learns to Conserve Water using a PLN


twitterWhat I love about my PLN (personal learning network) is that I am connected to educators from all over the world and have the opportunity to learn about fantastic resources, instructional strategies, and research on a daily basis anytime I am on my computer. My PLN is largely constructed of Google Reader, where I subscribe to 60 different blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and my school district Ning. This morning one of my colleagues on Twitter, an educator from “South of Perth, West Australia” posted this link about a waterwise campaign for the Great Lakes region of Canada. How amazing is that? An educator in California (me) learns about a resource for the Great Lakes area of Canada from someone in Australia?
Take a moment and check out WaterLife. Here’s the description from the video’s producer to wet your appetite.

“WaterLife tells the epic story of the Great Lakes by following the cascade of its water from northern Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean, through the lives of some of the 35 million people who rely on the lakes for survival.”

The video and the website are very well done and even though the topic is primarily focused on the Great Lakes, the issues discussed in the video and on the website are a great jumping off point for a conversation about fresh water supplies no matter where you and your students live.

This morning’s experience with WaterLife is just one example of a personal learning network in action. If you are interested in learning more about PLNs I would suggest getting started by signing up for Twitter, finding a few colleagues on Facebook, subscribing to a couple of blogs, and joining a Ning, like the CUE Community Ning or Classroom 2.0.   By reading this blog you are already on your way…and may not have even realized it! :-)



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