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With a reenergized focus on pedagogy, innovation, and technology I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately.  As a matter of fact I have one of those reusable grocery bags full of books I lug to and from the office right now.  I guess it gives a new definition to the job title “bag boy”  :-)

One of my favorite new books, and this week’s Book of the Week is The Digital Writing Workshopby Troy Hicks. In this book Hicks makes a compelling case for taking Writing Workshop into the 21st Century by adding technology for every step of the process.  From using RSS and social bookmarking to build student inquiry and choice to examining author’s craft through multimedia composition, Hicks clearly describes how technology can help students build their writing skills through a variety of tools.  I’ve only had the book for two weeks, but the cover is already well worn and the pages are full of notes and highlighter marks.  Between The Digital Writing Workshop and compelling stories shared by principals at our Writing Workshop schools,  I am starting to think about how I can incorporate Writing Workshop into subjects outside of Language Arts and use it as the basis for technology electives.  The marriage of technology and Writing Workshop naturally allows students to build the 21st Century Skills of information literacy, communication and collaboration, critical thinking, and media and technology literacy.  When you have a moment check out The Digital Writing Workshop and even join the Ning for the book.


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