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Earlier this week a new book appeared on my doorstep in an Amazon delivery box.  A few months ago someone in my personal learning network (I think maybe Karen) recommended that I order Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way they Learn by Dr. Larry D. Rosen of Cal State Dominguez Hills.  Rosen previously wrote Me, MySpace, and I: Parenting the Net Generation and his new book, Rewired, would be available in a couple of months.  I placed my order and forgot all about it…until it arrived.  As soon as I opened the box, the paragraph on the back cover caught my eye.

“From iPods to smartphones to Facebook, today’s youth are more plugged in than ever before, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that they do not respond to traditional teaching methods – textbooks and lectures – in the same way as previous generations.  What should parents and educators expect, socially and academically, from their wired children and adolescents? Rewired is a groundbreaking book that shows teachers and parents how to effectively incorporate this new generation’s radically different learning style into twenty-first century education.”

So far I’m about four chapters into the book and I can tell you its a great read and definitely worthy of “Book of the Week” status.  Yes, there are some pieces of data I already knew, but Rosen links a variety of cultural, technology, education, and psychological studies with anecdotal stories that are reshaping my thoughts on effectively teaching the Net Generation and their younger siblings, the iGeneration.  Rewired starts with a chapter on “Why Tweens and Teens Hate School” and then makes its way through chapters on wireless mobile devices, multitasking, virtual worlds, social networking, and media literacy to close with a chapter titled “Rewiring Education.”  Currently, I’m in the middle of “An Explosion of WMDs: Wireless Mobile Devices” and I’m already rethinking some of my ideas on using cell phones in the classroom.  I can feel a blog post or two bubbling up.  :-)

So, if you’re looking for a good read check out Rewired


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