Bonjour for PC


About a year ago I made the big switch. I set aside my school Dell laptop, ordered a MacBook and haven’t looked back since. One of the reasons (and there are many) while I love my MacBook has to do with its ability to find networked printers. At home I have two laser printers on my network. With any PC I have ever owned I have had to configure a port, install a driver, and cross my fingers in order to get the computer to communicate with the printer. Normally this worked the first (or second time) and took about 15-20 minutes if I could find the driver. Meanwhile on my MacBook all I had to do in any program is click, File, Print, and then choose a printer from the list under Bonjour Printers. No driver installation, no port configuration…just an immediate print. This feature was even more handy at school where I had to move from room to room and needed to connect to multiple networked printers.

Unfortunately, from time to time I still need to use my school PC. Yeah, I know I can install Parallels on my Mac, but I don’t always have all of the correct serial numbers for all the software I want to use. The other day I needed to use Publisher on my Dell PC to print out a new banner for my classroom. I have a color laser at home which I wanted to use, but naturally this printer had not been installed on my computer. As I was trying to figure out which driver I needed to download it dawned on me…I think someone once told me there was Bonjour for Windows. Sure enough there is and it works! I downloaded the software from Apple’s website for free and within two minutes I was printing away!

So, if you’d like to simplify your life a little and have networked printers you need to use, go download Bonjour for Windows now!


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