Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Cigarettes Too!


I just finished Will Richardson’s book, Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasts. It was a very informative read and I picked up a bunch of great tips. I especially liked all of the ideas and information about Flickr. In the past I have used this site for personal photos, but there are some great educational uses as well. I like the idea of using Flickr to share student work, as a hook for writing prompts, and as a way to share classroom discoveries and creations.

Another great component of Richardson’s book was the epilogue. I look forward to one day using technology to benefit my teaching and learning as much as the teacher described on these pages did. Although, I am not sure if I will ever be able to do all this teacher does in 30 minutes. This year I plan on implementing a few new things into my classroom like communicating with families via a blog and having my students create a wiki review book to prep for the CST. If you read this book I would suggest reading the epilogue first. If you are new to the world of education technology I think it might help you understand how all of the technologies described in the text can be used to complement each other.

Well we are on the way home from Vegas. It was a good trip, but I lost my voice – like completely lost it and no noise comes out of my mouth. I have had to resort to texting people in the car to carry on a conversation. I think all of the cigarette smoke may have done it. Why are people still smoking? Hasn’t there been enough anti-smoking education and public service announcements? I don’t get it Quit already! There are patches and pills to help. You will be saving tons of money, improving your quality of life, and the rest if us will no longer have to feel like we are inhaling acidic fumes when we are around you.


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