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When I saw this post on Clarence Fisher’s blog it reminded me how powerful blogging can be when it is used by students. When I was a student I was a very reluctant writer. Actually, I hated writing. To me it was the most boring and tedious task and no matter what I wrote, it would somehow be wrong. Quick writes were torture and knots would start growing in my stomach the moment those words left my teacher’s mouth. I vividly remember spending all Sunday (the day before the assignment was due) writing a five paragraph essay about a trip to the beach for my 7th grade Language Arts class. I was terrified that I would spell something wrong or use incorrect grammar. I did and I still remember my language arts teacher with her rich Texan accent telling me to use more adverbs and adjectives (I still have this problem).

A few years ago when I started blogging I found my first enjoyable writing experience. Between choosing my own topics and knowing that I was writing for a real audience I could see the value in crafting words. At least once a day I check StatCounter or Google Analytics just to see that people have visited my site. Comments (even the spam ones) always bring a smile.

I imagine there are quite a few students in all of our classrooms who aren’t that different from me. From the few writing samples I have seen float across my desk I can tell that they need all the practice they can get. I only wish I taught a subject where I could spend even more time blogging with my students. Perhaps there is a Language Arts teacher out there who would like to work with me?


Photo: DIT Student Now a Blogger by biverson

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