Blogging Goes Mainstream…Even in Modesto


BloggingAdI woke up this morning and saw this advertisement in our local paper, the Modesto Bee. Apparently, blogging has gone so mainstream that even our local paper (not always known for being tech savvy) is hosting a class for readers on how to blog. I find this very interesting. I have always thought that the traditional newspaper industry would find blogs to be competition they would want to squash. Much of the time bloggers can post news stories faster than traditional media outlets. On top of that blogs are usually free for subscribers to read. But before I could believe that our newspaper had gone completely altruistic I noticed the following text on the ad,

“After attending this FREE 90-minute session you’ll have the knowledge you need to join the legions of Internet bloggers through the Bee’s community blogging site, The Hive.”

So I guess the newspaper isn’t really hosting a how-to-blog class as much as they are hosting a how-to-use-our-new-resource class. However, hopefully this will drive more people of my generation to actually follow our local news. While sometimes I find the newspaper a little antiquated (especially the Letters to the Editor section) I know that the people on staff at the Modesto Bee have resources and connections most bloggers do not. As a result, they are able to closely follow local stories that influence our community in a way the general public is unable to do. So if you happen to be a member of the Hive and you stumble across this blog, let me just say – welcome to the world of blogging.


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