21st Century Literacy


Moodle? Blogs? Wikis? Podcasts? What are you talking about? These are questions I hear quiet often from my community of educators. As I work on my resume for next school year and try to describe what I have been doing in my classroom I hesitate adding those words because I’m afraid many educators aren’t sure what they mean.

While there are a ton of great resources available to you online or in print form, there really isn’t just one book or website you can read to figure it all out. On top of that just because you know what a wiki is, does it mean you know how to use it effectively with your students?

Today on David Warlick’s blog I noticed a fantastic post with a great collection of ideas for discovering 21st century literacy. I like his idea of learning as part of group. I think one of the key components of 21st century literacy is just that – learning together. None of us are experts, but we each bring some great insight and creative strategies. When you have a moment take a look at his post and start thinking about forming your own learning community. Let me know if I can join your group! :-)

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