Back from the Dead and in Heaven


Last time I posted was TWO WEEKS AGO! I can’t believe it, but then again I had to take some time off from blogging and even keeping up with my Bloglines account. Yesterday I took a peek at my Bloglines page and I had 972 items to read! Naturally, I just clicked “Mark All Read” and started over today. Whatever was there I am sure will be posted again on someone else’s blog (or at least that is what I am hoping for).

So where have I been? Well the last few days of school were crazy with graduation, packing up my room, and saying “until we meet again” to some wonderful friends and colleagues in Modesto. Last week I attempted to catch up on all of life’s chores that had been building up while I was commuting. I finally completed the refinishing project on our massive dining room table, set up the “Mac Lab” in our downstairs office, pulled a ton of weeds, and built some bookshelves. Don’t be impressed – they were from Ikea, so it just took an allen wrench, screw driver, and some good spatial/visual skills to figure out the poorly written directions.

This week I started summer school – hence the Heaven part. “Summer school is Heaven,” you might be wondering? Well, this summer it is. I totally lucked out and have been able to split a technology elective with @pauldevoto at my new school, the Jonas Salk High Tech Academy. Its an Apple 1:1 school (Heaven part 1) and during my three week portion of the class we’re focusing on blogging (Heaven part 2). We just started, but the kids seem pretty jazzed about having their own online space to write, read each other’s work, and post comments in return. Today I sold the whole concept by talking about how much I used to hate writing until I found a venue (blogging) where others could respond to what I posted. Every single student seemed to relate to what I was saying. That was awesome! We’re using the blog feature built into one of our Mac servers and Vienna as an RSS aggregator. So over the next few weeks hopefully you’ll be hearing reading even more about this experience.


Image: Student with New Macbook on Flickr

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