Tonight I am pretty much doing anything to avoid working on my thesis. I just doesn’t sound like any fun to me. So after completing an online midterm my multimedia design class, here is what I am up to…

After three months I have some friends. I am finally following people and being followed boy others (Wouldn’t my mom be proud?). I am starting to get it now. This summer I was convinced Twitter was going to be a Web 2.0 one-hit-wonder for education. For those of you who aren’t “twits” yet, its kind of like instant messaging with out the commitment to an entire conversation. If you have Twitter add me. My screenname is ucdjoe.

K12 Online Conference

On Twitter, my friend Burt posted a few minutes ago that he was showing new teachers how to use Google Docs. That reminded me that I wanted to catch up on the K12 Online Conference by watching a few videos from last week’s sessions. Just 15 minutes later I am bursting with ideas. Thanks to Sharon Betts the Element Reports my students create each year will be completely Google based this time around (I like the idea of an MS Office-free assignment). Also, I picked up a few ideas for Sustained Classroom Blogging from Jeff Utecht. Now I need to go collect some sciencey RSS feeds.

My First Mac
Cory just posted on Twitter that he’s released the Cell Theory Rap his kids made today. Have a listen. Its quite creative! When he makes his millions I will be able to say that one year we taught in the same room. Speaking of Cory, he is just one of my latest Mac converts. Over the weekend I found a great Mac newbies website. My First Mac covers all of those “how do I…” type questions. I have found a few great tips myself. Check it out!

Okay, I am off to do all those things teachers aren’t supposed to do – updating my Facebook page and watching Heroes. Notice, no mention of my thesis. I know…I know…I know…


Photo: Keyboard Cress 06 by Dirk Gently

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