ASCD – San Antonio


This year in light of drastic budget cuts and state funding shortages I feel very lucky to be able to attend the ASCD Conference in San Antonio.  A colleague of mine, describing her strategy for selecting sessions, referred to ASCD as “all gurus all the time” and she was right!  So far the conference has been amazing.   I’ve attended phenomenal sessions by:

My only complaint so far is that there are too many great sessions at the same time.  I will definitely have to make use of the MP3/CD files and online resources when I get back to Sacramento.  When I have a few spare moments and a robust wireless connection I will be posting and solidifying my thoughts here.  This year’s theme is “Critical Transformations.”  On the ASCD website many of the speakers have posted videos with their thoughts on critical transformations. Check it out.  I posted Tapscott’s above.


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