Animoto Vocabulary


A little while ago I received a tweet from John that he had updated Edutonica. On today’s post he showed how you can engage students in a vocabulary activity using PowerPoint, Flickr, and Animoto. I had completely forgotten about Animoto!

This easy-to-use Web 2.0 tool is quite snazzy and grabs the attention of junior high students.At the beginning of the school year I used it a little and the kids really enjoyed the presentation – so much so they were yelling out, “hey, how do we make those?” I feel an Animoto-based vocabulary project coming up. And here’s the trick – while my students think they will just be busy creating Animoto projects they will actually be putting scientific meanings into their own words and finding pictures to explain the definitions. <Insert evil teacher laugh here.>

Press play and subscribe to John’s blog. You won’t be disappointed.


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