Animoto Education Program


Back in August Ewan McIntosh introduced me to Animoto and just last week he lead me to the new Animoto Education Program. This product is fantastic! Within just a few steps you can take a few still pictures, add some music from their internal collection, and viola you have a snazzy little video. I’ve used this handy, extremely attention-grabbing Web 2.0 tool in various ways this year from posting vacation pictures to lab reports and flash cards. Now whenever I pass out a vocabulary assignment students immediately ask, “Can we do this on Animoto and send you the link?” Based on the break time conversations I overhear they’ve become pretty adept at using Flickr and PowerPoint to create custom vocabulary slides at home, which Animoto turns into a short video. Here is one from the Penny Lab at the beginning of the year.

The only downside to Animoto is that when you are using the free version the videos can only be 30 seconds in length. This limits you to about 10-15 pictures or slides. After adding a title and credits slide, you’re left with a just a few vocabulary slides. The Animoto Education Program will give you a code that allows you and your students to create full-length videos. The only promise you have to make is to agree to share the innovative ideas you have for using Animoto. To get your own code look for Rebecca’s email address in the FAQ section.



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