An Interesting Morning


Yesterday was one of those mornings where you and your students learn a lot from each other. As I have mentioned in previous posts my students and I have been discussing the current Presidential Race during the eleven minute Advisory period we have each day. Their level of interest in this topic has been quite amazing to me and honestly I am very proud of them. Its great to see a group of teenagers pay attention to something that will affect their futures even if it doesn’t seem like it to them.

During the eleven minutes (well really more like six after the announcements are done) we usually watch the latest news clip from the Today Show online video site, discuss what happened, and talk about what’s next. Yesterday after the video was complete my kids shared with me their knowledge of each of the four main candidate’s online personas. Some of them explained that they had added McCain, Obama, Hillary, or Huckabee as a friend on MySpace or Facebook. Others described the online profiles they had created on Obama, Hillary, or McCain’s websites (Huckabee’s website doesn’t seem to have this capability). Another student shared with the class that you can download ringtones for your cell phone from Obama’s site. The ringtone phenomenon is quite wild at my school. Ringtone 1 is very popular – I’m actually getting tired of hearing it.

While some adults may scoff at the idea of my students creating profiles on these sites or adding candidates to their social networks, what I found enlightening is that many of these students while on these sites were also reading the candidate’s issue statements. One young man said the following,

” I thought I liked McCain, but after reading Obama’s website I think I actually like him better. I agree a lot with what he has to say.”

Whoa! Wouldn’t it be nice of more adults followed his lead? So if you have a few seconds to spare take a look at the websites they shared with me and now with you.


Photo: Change We Can Believe In by Daniella Zalcman

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