An Alternative to Profcast?


A brilliant teacher at my site started using Profcast last year to podcast his math lessons. His students and my students (at a completely different school) started watching the podcasts on a daily basis to review concepts they learned in class while doing their homework. I also heard that this summer his podcasts were used by summer school students who were ahead of their classmates. The only problem with Profcast is that it is currently Mac only. Unfortunately, (and quite wisely) our district won’t purchase everyone a new Mac just to use Profcast. Today I stumbled upon what I think could be a great alternative for PC and Mac users without Profcast. SlideShare now has a way where you can combine a MP3 file with a PowerPoint file to create a slidecast very similar to the ones created with Profcast. It seems to require a few more steps than Profcast, but it is free and anyone can use it. Another benefit to SlideShare is that it is very easy to create an embeddable playback format that can be simply pasted into our class Moodle pages. I will definitely be playing with SlideShare next year! Check out the example above, but don’t ask me to explain what they are talking about. It is a little above my head too. :-)



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