YouTube Youth Busts Political Ad



Last week I wrote a little about how social media has been changing the political process this year.  In California we always have a collection fo statewide propositions to vote upon each election cycle.  This November, one of these measures is Prop 10, an alternative energy bond measure supported by T. Boone Pickens.  Since Election Day is less than a week away our televisions are loaded with commercials for and against each of the propositions.  One of the Yes on 10 commercials shows a young girl with a pinwheel blowing in her hands.  Well, apparently this stock footage was actually shot a few years ago and this now 13 year-old and her family do not support Prop 10.  So how did this almost-able-to-vote-Californian (keep in mind she won’t even be able to vote for Obama or McCain’s reelection in our years) get her message out?  On YouTube of course!  I think its just another powerful example of how social media may be revolutionizing voter participation and the transition has only begun.  The kids currently sitting in our middle and high school classrooms are the first “YouTube Generation” – making and consuming independent videos for as long as they can remember.  Imagine what they will create once they become politically active.


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