Adios & Arrivederci


Could it really be two posts in one afternoon? Yes, you see I’m avoiding the inevitable packing of my desk. Its a mess and needs lots of sorting!

I know the next few days are going to be a blur, so before I delve into three days of graduation practice and 8th grade trips I formally wanted to say good bye. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and everyone of you. On my last few trips down from Sacramento I’ve been thinking about how much my teaching has changed since arriving at Ustach three years ago. Before starting in the Sylvan District I barely knew how to use an LCD projector and certainly had no idea what Moodle, Interwrite Pads, and Inspiration were. Now I have a blog, multiple classroom websites, and was freaked out about the idea of teaching in classroom without student laptops when I first started looking for a job in Sacramento. Fortunately, I will be in place with lots of computers and Macbooks to boot! I must admit I owe a lot of my technology professional growth to three people specifically – John Patten, Burt Lo, and Lisa Anglim. If you ever have the chance to work with any of them, you are quite lucky.

As I have been packing and dragging boxes out to the car I have received one frequent question – “Are you keeping your blog and how do I stay up to date?” First of all, I am keeping my blog. Its kind of a USB thumbdrive for cool things I find, so I’d be lost without it. If you’d like to subscribe to new posts you have two ways to accomplish this – subscribe using an RSS reader like Bloglines or Google Reader OR (the easier method) plug your email address into the “Subscribe via Email” box on the right side of the main page (to get there click on Home at the top of this page). That way you’ll be sent a note when I update.

Enjoy your last few days and I hope to see many of you up in Sacramento!


Photo: California State Capitol on Flickr.

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